The BEST focaccia EVER

I’ve been making this recipe for well over 4 years , it was one of the very first bread recipes I tried and and it’s absolutely my most favourite focaccia recipe.  My version is not your traditional focaccia, instead it’s a lot deeper and has a really soft texture. Trust me the taste is fantastic.

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The problem with pumpkins…

Pumpkin from 2016
The BIG pumpkin from 2016!

This is the second year I’ve been ‘attempting’ to grow pumpkins on my veggie plot. I say attempting because it really is trial and error. Continue reading “The problem with pumpkins…”

The ‘bread making’ marathon

We are off to a friends anniversary BBQ today and I’m on a bread making duty.  As my friends all know that I LOVE making bread I’m always tasked with making the bread rolls. I just love it. I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning (I’m always an early riser). Continue reading “The ‘bread making’ marathon”

Fast (or slow) flat breads

This is my own recipe and one I’ve tried and tested. If you want to make them quickly, then there is no need to let the dough rest for longer than 15 minutes.
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Soft wholemeal rolls

This recipe is adapted from a recipe for ‘Barm Cakes’ in the Paul Hollywood book ‘How To Bake‘.  Paul’s version uses 100% white flour and makes large flatter rolls, but I wanted to make a version with wholemeal flour (as it’s better for you)!  I also cut down the quantities to make 6 rather than 12 rolls and reduced the amount of sugar and butter in the recipe as I’m trying to watch my waist! Have a go and see what you think – personally I thought they were super yummy and great with a grilled chicken breast and some salad.
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