Harvest festival

I love this time of year! The darker mornings that make you want to cosy up in bed, the lovely autumn colours, and most of all it’s a time to be thankful for the amazing supply of veg we’ve had during this season from our veg patch. 

It’s also a great time to have a good clear out and start planning for the next growing season.

I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have a veg patch right outside my back door. It’s my salvation as it’s a place for me to escape to.  I work from home quite a bit of the time and, as I don’t drive because of my ‘dodgy’ eyesight, I sometimes feel quite isolated. When I do, I pop on my wellies and nip down to ‘have a chat’ to my veggies.  It sounds bonkers but it makes the world of difference!

I absolutely love growing veg. It does take a bit of hard work and planning, but it’s worth it. Mostly though, all you need is a bit of space to chuck in some seeds and see what happens. Sometimes you get a great bounty and other times things don’t quite work out – and that’s fine by me.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you of some of the amazing veg haul I’ve had during this year, and quite frankly, some of the very strange looking carrots.

Here’s the Broccoli, 1st picture is just as it’s beginning to bud, 2nd is netted to stop those pesky white butterflies laying their eggs (yup they still found a way in), 3rd picture is  just one of the bowls we had from the haul.

Chilli’s chilli’s and more chilli’s! We do use a lot of chilli in our house and I decided to plant some different varieties – especially some of the more unusual Mexican ones. But I was not prepared for the staggering quantities we’d produce this year – it’s obviously a good year for them! Luckily most of our friends also like chilli’s and we were able to share the bounty. We also froze loads, dried loads and made some chilli jam.

Onions and garlic galore! I grew these over winter and harvested them in late May early June this year. We gave away quite a bit to our friends (we all grow different things and share). I also pickled some of the shallots. I thought they’d last us until next season, but actually they are nearly all used up now.

Beetroot bonanza! I adore beetroot and it is so easy to grow, I’ve actually had 4 different harvests of it this year – YUM!  As well as roasting it I pickled some too.

Baby beetroot

Tomatoes, green, red and more green! Now some crops don’t quite work out the way you want them to and our tomatoes were one of those crops this year. We had a MAHOOSIVE crop, but try as I might, only a few turned red.  I put a banana in a box to try and ripen them and it worked to a degree, but mostly I dried them (which created the most amazing flavour) or made some green tomato and chilli jam.

The wonky carrots! I’ll say no more….


And the rest! Courgettes, Potatoes, aubergines, salad, green beans, pumpkins and corn….Yes we’ve a large(ish) veg patch, but I did pack it all in.

Now I’ve decided to rest the veg patch over winter to let the soil rejuvenate. I’ve planted some green manure, which are seeds that sprout and you turn back in to stabilise the soil and put nutrients into it. The hubster and I are busy now planning what to plant next year and are just so thankful for all of the wonderful produce we’ve had.


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6 thoughts on “Harvest festival

    1. Hi there. I do actually, with slugs though, not snails. I’ve also had terrible trouble with caterpillars. For the slugs I tried egg shells around my veggies but that didn’t work! They only seem to target certain things though. I got to wondering whether something more abrasive might be better so I tried some grit and that’s better.

      The caterpillars are a different story though. I literally have to pick them off! Next year my hubby is going to build me some simple frames so that I can net my brassicas, hopefully that will work!!


    1. I know, I was very happy with it 🙂 I grew ordinary patio chilli’s, Ancho, Jalapeño, Serrano, banana and scotch bonnets. The Ancho, Jalapeño and Serrano were the best. I also tried to grow some cayenne but they failed. I grew them all from seed, but started them off indoors. xxx

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