It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I love Christmas, I really do. I know not everyone celebrates and that’s fine too. But I love putting up the tree, seeing friends and family I don’t see all that often, using the ‘shuffle all’ option on my iPod because it doesn’t matter that Christmas songs play!

It’s a time of year I really look forward to – you know, playing a bit of Michael Bublé and dancing around my kitchen etc.  However, I don’t believe in spending lots of dosh you don’t have on things that will be consigned to a cupboard. Instead, I’m a bit old fashioned and I believe Christmas should be about spending time with those you love and doing nice things for others.  Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Pink pickled onions

I love Mexican food, I”m lucky enough to have been to Mexico twice. I first had these wonderful spicy onions on some tacos and I couldn’t get enough of them!
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Aubergine parmigiana (sort of)

I’ve tried for the last couple of years to grow aubergines and for the first time this year I had success – yay!
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Pumpkin and red pepper soup

I love making soup, especially when the produce is straight from my own garden! Pumpkin soup is so good, it’s hearty, healthy and you can add many other things to it to make it your own.
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Fiery red chilli jam

As I said in my post for my green tomato and chilli jam, I’ve had an absolute bumper crop of tomatoes and chillies this year. Although I didn’t get that many ripe tomatoes, I did manage to get some. Most were devoured in sandwiches, salads and pasta but I also made my fiery red chilli jam!
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Terrific tear and share bread

My hubby and I both love tear and share bread, especially if it’s got lashings of garlic butter on it. It’s so good with saucy dishes like chilli or spaghetti bologneise and whilst it’s not for the dieters, in my opinion, it’s well worth the calories! Continue reading “Terrific tear and share bread”