LTBlogHi there,

My name is Lizzie, thank you for visiting my blog.

I was inspired to start blogging by my friends and family. I’m forever posting pictures of my bread making, baking and gardening on social media and my friends were always asking me for recipes and tips and telling me I should start a blog – so here it is.

I also felt that I really needed some kind of creative outlet. Many years ago now I used to work in the craft industry and travelled all over the place demonstrating card making and scrapbooking products for various companies. Sadly, that all came to an end when my eyesight started to fail due to a hereditary eye condition, meaning I could no longer drive or see with enough detail to craft or demo.

Never one to give up on life I reinvented myself and began work in a totally different field. Even though I work full time in a job I absolutely love, I found that I was at a loss creatively, so I began to bake and I’ve never looked back!

Prior to becoming visually impaired I’d always liked to cook, but I’d never really cooked. What I mean by that is I would only ever follow a recipe and I’d never be brave enough to ‘go it alone’.

When I first started, before I got used to the way I see now, I found it extremely difficult to judge when something was cooked – especially meat. But through experimentation, grim determination (and quite a few inedible disasters), I finally feel brave enough to share.

My husband has been incredibly supportive and in the early days helped me get my cooking confidence back by making sure I knew when things were done and helping me chop etc. Now, although I still struggle, I’m much more confident now and during the journey I also found that I have a real love of baking bread and even better – others liked my food too!

Once I started cooking I also started to think more about where our food comes from. I started to think more about sustainability and wanted more ‘local or seasonal’ ingredients to use.  I mentioned it to the hubby and he built us a veggie garden! (yes I know I’m very lucky indeed).  So we now grow most of our own veg.

Whilst my blog mainly started off with bread making recipes, It is now growing with other tales from my kitchen, especially if they can be inspired by produce I grow at home. I should warn you though, I’m a bit of a rambler and I do like to talk!

As I’ve said above, I’m actually registered as severely sight impaired, or as I like to call it ‘visually challenged’, so I’ll apologise now if the photo’s are not the best 😉

Some of the recipes I’ll share will have been inspired by and adapted from books (I have a vast collection of cook books)! Where this is the case I will always credit the original author. Other recipes are all mine, but I’ll only post a recipe once my husband and I have tried and tested it.

I don’t intend to post all the time, but I will post as and when I can – I hope you enjoy reading my recipes and are inspired to try them out too.


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