The Pullman Loaf (The BEST sandwich bread EVER!)

I first heard about the Pullman Loaf a few years ago when I started making bread, but I never felt brave enough to try making it. For some reason I thought it would be complicated when it really couldn’t be simpler! Continue reading “The Pullman Loaf (The BEST sandwich bread EVER!)”

Easy peasy dinner buns

Hello!  Sorry it’s been a while since my last post – I seem to have been rather busy with work, getting the veg patch sorted, a lovely holiday in Mexico and of course running! Continue reading “Easy peasy dinner buns”

Scrumptious stuffed focaccia

My husband and I were watching an episode of Paul Hollywood’s City Bakes recently. It was based in San Francisco and showed a bakery that made THE MOST mouth watering breads, one of which was a stuffed focaccia.

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It’s all in the tin!

You can’t beat a good tin loaf, (bread purists, please don’t judge me!) and the recipe below really hits the spot for me – there is a secret to it’s success though, so read on!

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Bloomers, Bloomers everywhere!

A good bloomer loaf is a wonderful thing. I’ve shared the recipe for mine below and here’s a tale about how you can have fun making bread with friends and raise money too!

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Fast (or slow) flat breads

This is my own recipe and one I’ve tried and tested. If you want to make them quickly, then there is no need to let the dough rest for longer than 15 minutes.
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