Onion, chive and herb bloomer

I had originally planned to have a go at making red onion and chive bagels this weekend. But, there was some reduced at the supermarket. Instead I made this wonderful onion, chive and herb bloomer – YUM!Β  Continue reading “Onion, chive and herb bloomer”

Herby Piadina (Italian flat breads)

My hubby and I often have our date night at our local Prezzo (well where we live there isn’t that much choice). We do love it though, the staff are always very friendly and helpful and we can use our Tesco club card vouchers – Winner! We always have a couple of their flatbreads to share and I’ve finally managed to recreate them with this recipe! Continue reading “Herby Piadina (Italian flat breads)”

Rich ragu made from leftovers!

I don’t know about you, but I always cook for a crowd, even when there isn’t one! I can’t help it and this Christmas was no exception. But what to do with all of those leftovers? As you know I hate waste!
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Pink pickled onions

I love Mexican food, I”m lucky enough to have been to Mexico twice. I first had these wonderful spicy onions on some tacos and I couldn’t get enough of them!
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Aubergine parmigiana (sort of)

I’ve tried for the last couple of years to grow aubergines and for the first time this year I had success – yay!
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Pumpkin and red pepper soup

I love making soup, especially when the produce is straight from my own garden! Pumpkin soup is so good, it’s hearty, healthy and you can add many other things to it to make it your own.
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