Cinnamon rolls

I first made these cinnamon rolls on a Christmas bread making course. They are super sticky but very easy to make. My hubby fell in love with them and once you taste them I’m sure you will too. Continue reading “Cinnamon rolls”

Temptingly good Tiger Bread

We LOVE tiger bread in our house. It’s got a soft, tasty, lovely and squashy inside with a crunchy top which is flavoured. It’s a great bacon sarnie bread! Continue reading “Temptingly good Tiger Bread”

Beer bread rolls

I made these beer bread rolls last weekend and I can’t tell you how good they were. I’d never thought of making them before but found an old can of beer in the cupboard so though – what the heck!
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Stromboli with goats cheese, semi-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic

I’ve been making Stromboli for nearly 10 years and this recipe is absolutely yummy!
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Roasted garlic baguettes

I absolutely love garlic bread – yes even that shop bought stuff with the slits filled with garlic butter. ┬áBut I’ve never tried to make my own – until now!

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Sourdough success – finally!

I love sourdough bread but I hate the waste when creating a starter. I’ve also had limited success – not with making the actual starter – but with the result of the final bread. I’ve finally hit on a formula for a sourdough recipes which ticks all the boxes for me.

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