Easy peasy dinner buns

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Beer bread rolls

I made these beer bread rolls last weekend and I can’t tell you how good they were. I’d never thought of making them before but found an old can of beer in the cupboard so though – what the heck!
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Soft wholemeal rolls

This recipe is adapted from a recipe for ‘Barm Cakes’ in the Paul Hollywood book ‘How To Bake‘.  Paul’s version uses 100% white flour and makes large flatter rolls, but I wanted to make a version with wholemeal flour (as it’s better for you)!  I also cut down the quantities to make 6 rather than 12 rolls and reduced the amount of sugar and butter in the recipe as I’m trying to watch my waist! Have a go and see what you think – personally I thought they were super yummy and great with a grilled chicken breast and some salad.
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